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The Excellent Scent Of Pussy

From ErosBlog: The Sex Blog: "Some adolescent troll posted the following query: After you finger a girl what do you do to get the smell off your fingers? Soap and water doesnt usually work. I dont like shaking ppls hands knowing my hand smells like tuna lol. Any suggestions?" Most responses were even stupider than the question. However, one grownup posted an answer that really made me grin: "Find a woman whose pussy you love, and youíll never want to be without her scent on you... ever. Nothing like sniffing your fingers 3 hours after sex and reliving it all over again. If you donít love pussy THIS MUCH you are not big enough to get on this ride." (More...)

Kinky Lawyer Sex

From Spanking Blog: "The first rule of being a successful (and very hot) paralegal: Donít wear the sexy red party dress to the office if youíre going to be working late on the Friday evening before Valentineís Day. If you do, before you know it youíll be on the lap of the hard-driving new partner, with your hands tied behind your back, and heíll be saying "Now, dear, I think itís time to commit some delicious torts upon your person." Then of course it is time for the bare bottom inspection, or as he will call it, "doing discovery and due diligence". The spanking is, of course, inevitable. SLAPP suit, anyone? ..." (More...)

Lustful Dogs And Werewolves

From Bondage Blog: "Letís say youíre a pretty girl. Youíve been cursed by the elves, who bound your hands behind you with permanent magical shackles. Youíre likely to have adventures. You might, say, be captured by a witchfinder, turned over to the civil authorities, and put in the pillory, in the public square, with inadequate clothing. And that, poor girl, is where you might learn the difference, in terms of relative peril, between dogs and werewolves. A friendly dog might stop by to sniff your smells, probe a bit with his cold nose, and give you a lick. But night will come. And, as you shiver under the stars, you might encounter a werewolf..." (More...)

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bend over boyfriend pegging sex videoBend Over Boyfriend DVD:
Bend Over Boyfriend is an excellent instructional butt sex video, and is a must-have for heterosexual couples interested in exploring anal sex and ass pleasure. Though it is more geared towards women pleasuring men using dildos and strap-on harnesses (the sex act known as pegging or peg sex)... (More...)

tulip butt plug for butt sex

Tulip Anal Plug:
Made with more advanced players in mind, this well designed anal plug features a rounded tip for effortless penetration. The yielding tulip shape fans wide, then slims to a narrow column, making for a secure fit. The wide base provides improved manipulation and a helpful safeguard too. Perfect for intense butt sex! (More...)

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